The Dismantling Of Capitalism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andrey Fursov, historian, Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences): “The current crisis is a purposeful dismantling of capitalism, which is carried out by the Western elite to maintain control over the world. Over the past decades, all the supporting structures of capitalism: political democracy, civil society, the nation-state, rational knowledge and the middle class are being destroyed.

“Democracy has turned into show business; society is becoming atomized; the nation-state is collapsing under the pressure of transnational corporations and crime syndicates; universities are transformed into vocational schools that teach not to answer the question why, but how; the middle class is thinning out, turning into the same source for the accumulation of capital, which until now the peasantry and the proletariat used to be.

“The analogue of what is happening should be sought in the 19th century, when having exhausted itself, feudalism was receding in the past. The feudal elite managed to take control of this process and retain power. Nowadays, we are witnessing an attempt to carry out the same transition project. This project is being developed in a closed network structures that have been created by the Western elite still in the pre-industrial era and which today are the main subject of history.”

My Comment: History does not repeat itself! Because we have to ascend to its next level, to get out of the egoistic nature, and gradually enter and master the altruistic nature. Moreover, it is not altruism built on egoism, which we sometimes witness, but absolute altruism, which we have never observed, i.e., complete bestowal for the sake of the other.

Nature will begin to “invert” in us, replacing one property with the other. If we cooperate with it, if we will perceive these changes with our participation, we will enjoy them. But if we remain in our egoistic properties, we will nonetheless change, but under the harsh driving force.

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