Dormant Seeds

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Without dissemination, we cannot build our spiritual Kli and connect. So, how will the people to whom we are disseminating this method connect? Must they also disseminate?

Answer: The general public does not have the beginning evil inclination as we do. Their ego is simpler.

The evil inclination is discovered when I try to connect with someone to discover the Creator between us to give Him contentment. Then, nature is spiritually opposed, and in this case, it is called the evil inclination. About this, it is written, “I created the evil inclination” (Talmud Babyli Kiddushin 30b).

This evil inclination doesn’t exist for all of the rest of creation. There is no shattered power of Bina in it. So, people are ready to connect to make life easy for each other out of necessity, as it was in the kibbutzes in Israel or during war. They will be able to connect enough so that we can convey the Light that Reforms to them.

The Light will affect them only with a positive, vital force. It will not give them the left line. Rather, it only will give connection. However, we receive a very great left line from them, like parents who fight and argue over concern for an infant.

Question: So, what is the difference between the physical people of Israel and the nations of the world?

Answer: Among the physical people of Israel, there are spiritual Reshimot (reminiscences), for they were once on a spiritual level. However, these are quiet, dormant Reshimot, and we can awaken them through our fuel, attach them to us, give them a transfusion, and inject a vital elixir into each of them. We can be concerned about them all the time, take care of them, and then they will connect and join us.

However, when they join, they will begin to receive a very great appreciation and understanding of connection through us. The quiet Reshimot will begin to be awakened, like seeds that I could have in a barn for years and I now moisten them with water or plant them in the ground, and they begin to revive with the help of new environmental conditions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/27/14, Writings of Rabash

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