Towards The Purity Of Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah,  (Leviticus) “VaYikra,” 1:3: If his sacrifice is a burnt offering from cattle, an unblemished male he shall bring it.

“An unblemished male” is the attribute of complete bestowal because it must be true at every level of work, one must examine if the intention is really directed to bestow, if it doesn’t deviate to the direction of receiving.

After all, if we begin to receive in the intention to bestow, we will immediately find defects within ourselves and that we cannot object to the great incoming pleasure and are not able to give it.

Let’s suppose that you are poor and hungry, and you are to transport bags of gold or portions of food. How would you act? Would you be able to resist the temptation?

Of course, we understand that there are other desires and stimulations of our ego that are bigger. But it is not just food, hunger, or riches but huge envy and hatred towards the one you need to give to. Since you see that to your enemy who tortures you and to the people closest to you, you must do only good, without any kind of reward, and you must do so so that he won’t even know and will continue to hate you.

Question: It looks like the desire for the sake of bestowal with a defect is unsustainable?

Answer: It depends on which level. At every level there are requirements.

Question: Even at the corporeal level. For example, starving Africa is assisted with a large supply masses of goods, but it starves more and more.

Answer: So we provide, and they starve. Africa is the richest continent. If it had been developed, it would have been more successful than America today. There is everything there!

But in our providing it with cheap merchandise, we killed domestic production and agriculture, and transformed people into a generation of idlers, and that was it. And now we are teaching them to fight with each other.

The intention to bestow must be pure, and only then will it bring benefit.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/13/13

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