“Make-Believe” And Serious Bestowal

Dr. Michael laitmanQuestion: Is Emuna (faith) work within the desires of others?

Answer: So that the Emuna can develop in the substance of the desire to enjoy, the Kli was shattered into many fragments. This makes it possible for us to work with and to evaluate the characteristic of bestowal, to begin to play with it a bit, even when we are in an egoistic desire of one hundred percent and have no ability or chance of reaching bestowal. We are allowed to engage in make-believe, imaginary bestowal, like little children who play by imitating adults.

Certainly we are not ready to go out of ourselves from this physical state where only the ego is at work. If they take even a drop of egoistic pleasure away from us, we immediately fall. But the idea is that the Light that Reforms influences us in response to all of our efforts to reach bestowal. Even though these efforts and attempts are in order to receive, and it could be that they are detrimental to society, if they are somehow close to the right direction or even if they are opposite to it, if they are related to the right direction, then the Light has an influence.

The Light is influential either in the form of Panim (face) or in the form of Achoraim (back). I can yearn for a goal directly and I can describe it as completely opposite and reach it from the reverse side, as if I am flying there from around the globe. But I am thinking about it, so the Light influences me nonetheless! The Light reacts and influences all of my actions, either from the front or from the back, and it could be also between this and that.

This is like a child who still hasn’t grown up and plays and breaks everything, but this is the way he learns and develops. We advance like this also. I remember in childhood I had to open and take every new toy apart to see what there was inside. In general, children love to break everything, and that is how they develop and advance. So the work of the Light is important here.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/08/14, Shamati #86

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