Instructions That Come From Inside

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In all religions, people believe that we should act according to the Creator’s orders.

Answer: Kabbalah doesn’t take any orders into account but only a person’s possibilities according to his level of development. It’s because every desire, every intention, the whole plan of creation, is meant only for that, for developing a person so that he will discover and create the image that he can call the Creator inside him.

He creates it each time as he rises higher and he regards the Creator that he creates as more and more sublime. But this is a very complicated issue that I wouldn’t recommend discussing with ordinary people since this perception is established in a person only when he feels the new spiritual elements, feelings, sensations, and discernments.

Question: So instead of instructions, there are yearnings and efforts that develop in a person which oblige him to advance?

Answer: We feel the instructions from inside us. What is an instruction? Where is an instruction given? Who carries out these instructions if they are written somewhere? All this doesn’t exist! No one carries them out! If according to a person’s nature something is egoistically beneficial, he does it, and if it cannot be carried out egoistically, he doesn’t since he cannot force himself. “Cannot,” means unable to, “doesn’t want to” because he isn’t made for that, there is no difference between wants and performs.

If people don’t engage in their nature, and don’t take it as the basis that needs to be changed and how to format it anew, they think “the Creator has instructed us and we shall do as He says.” But in fact we cannot change ourselves. Try! We see that nothing changes, but simply continues to deteriorate and becomes worse.

Thus there cannot be any orders here. If a person feels a certain inner awakening and to that extent begins to burn inside, he then works in order to fulfill his awakening.

Suddenly he discovers a certain new goal and that he has to perform certain actions in order to attain it. At the same time he learns the orders written in the books and tries to perform them, but it won’t help! If his desires are different, there is no need for any books. We see what happens in all the religions.

The fulfilled actions are only inside a person and only according to the parameters that accumulate inside him, that connect and manage him. It’s foolish to think that I can change myself according to someone’s orders. If it were possible, it would mean that I am simply programmed and that I am a zombie, that I have read a certain instruction like a machine and changed it inside me. Then I am simply disconnected from my analytic instrument and am programmed.

I cease to be a human being and am just an animal in their hands, since a human being is someone who gradually clarifies everything that happens to him with the help of his freewill and his analytic instrument and comes to conclusions that are beyond the limits of his nature. He begins to realize that there is a narrow bridge to the other nature, to another creation to another world. This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah begins. This narrow bridge is bringing offerings, changing my desires from egoistic intentions to altruistic intentions.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/13/13

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