Give Contentment To The Creator With Every Word Of The Zohar

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, Parshat “BeShlach,” section 134: The order of the emergence of the Lights in the three Nekudot of Holam, Shuruk, Hirik. That in the beginning Malchut rises to Bina, under her Hochmah, and then her Bina and TuM fall below her level to ZA.

And she is left with only two Sefirot, KH, and with two Lights, Ruach Nefesh. And it is considered that Bina is pierced, so that nothing is left in her but Ohr Nekeva, which illuminates from below to above. And so her Sefirot are called by the name pierced stones. And this is the point of Holam.

With each word that we read, we try not to forget what we want from our connection, we renew our request with every word.

Now we try to go one step forward, not only to seek a connection with every word, but we ask also for the success of the friends, we ask for them.

From the intention and request for connection, we pass to an intention and request for the sake of the friends. And now we have to add an intention here that we want to give contentment to the Creator with each and every word, to create a feeling, a relationship like this, a state, which will surely bring contentment to the Creator. In this way we arrange the Kli in which we give contentment to the Creator.

If the group intends to give contentment to the Creator, and I disappear in it, so the entire group gets the same value as the Creator. Only the group is the Kli, and the Creator is the Light that connects, corrects and fills the Kli. By being included in a group and praying for a connection that will bring contentment to the Creator, we already yearn to give Him joy.

And the main joy for the Creator is when we try to bring this connection to the whole world. For we are ourselves the Kelim designed only to realize and carry out this work, but delighting the Creator is possible only with the Kelim of the whole world. So we go out and try to connect them.

In The Zohar we read about actions that take place on high levels. Why do we think that this will help us? Because there are no other actions other than the act of connection, but on every level this happens in a more subtle, more detailed, more complex, and more intense form. But it is the same ten Sefirot with more and more bold acts of connection.

So no matter where we read, if our intention is right, meaning for correction, for connection, we read all in this way and will open all the channels of Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/06/14, The Book of Zohar

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