Wisdom Should Not Be Sold On The Market

Dr. Michael LaitmanScience began to develop after the external sages received knowledge and wisdom from Kabbalists back in the days of the prophets, as Plato and Aristotle admit. They warned of the dangers of passing this wisdom on to students who were drawn not only to pure science but also to corporeal passions.

The desire for wisdom is considered spiritual in our world since a person wishes to know, understand, and attain phenomena that are above him, which are an objective part of nature, independent of his body, which have no practical benefit. If this is the case, he is allowed to study science and it can be revealed to him.

But if a person has other goals besides knowing the secrets of nature and his intentions are impure, this knowledge shouldn’t be revealed to him. After all, besides science, he wants more money, fame, and honor. And then he would sell this science; that is, he would begin to use it to achieve corporeal goals, and thus would destroy the whole world.

As long as we didn’t have science, the greatest harm we could cause each other, was to beat each other with sticks. How hard can a person beat another? But today one bomb can kill millions of people. In ancient times not many lives were lost on both sides in a battle compared to what wars can cause today when we use powerful weapons of mass destruction, poisonous gases, and weapons that affect the climate and can cause earthquakes.

Thus we see that we shouldn’t open the wisdom to people who are attracted to values other than pure science. Unfortunately, the wisdom has been revealed and all of today’s sages are controlled by the rich and by politicians who tell them what to do. Scientists are forced to seek grants, funds, and support in different ways in order to carry on with their studies. The studies themselves bring them money, but it’s only beneficial for those who want to kill, poison, and dominate others like they were slaves. This is what today’s science is like.

However, the prohibition to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah is hard to understand. How can it be harmful if there is a barrier to the spiritual world? If your intention is pure, you will go through it and reach the level where you feel the spiritual forces and desires and begin to use them for the benefit of others and through them for the benefit of the Creator. You discover and feel it; it is your world.

But if you have no intention to bestow, you cannot bestow upon the spiritual world, not upon others and not upon the Creator, and you cannot harm others, so why is it forbidden to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah? It would seem that it could be opened for everyone! But the wisdom of Kabbalah has been concealed for ages until the time of the Ari. Baal HaSulam says that the fact that The Book of Zohar was revealed before its time by the widow of Rabbi Moshe DeLeon is a great flaw. But there is an account from Heaven with regard to it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/10/14

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