The Structure Of Chaos

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Max Schupbach, PhD, co-founder of the first Process Work Center in Switzerland, and Process Work training programs worldwide): “What at the moment seems as chaos has a clear structure. The events that seem strange, in fact, make a difference, and they are the driving force of change. That what is marginalized today hides future organizations and the future of community.

“There is hidden meaning behind frictions, problems. If we had revealed all the details: measurable and immeasurable, rational and irrational, logical and emotional – we would have discovered unique solutions that were originally inherent in the situation and how it is possible to become creative, reaching the goal.

“A leader is not who knows everything, but who can establish sincere relationships, resolve conflicts. His main skill is an understanding of the processes that take place, love for changes, working with himself.

“A master is not a status, but the path, on which those methods that you study will become your way of life. You should realize that you will study throughout lifetime. A master understands that his destiny, his path on this planet has a definite direction, and his task is to go through it and make this path useful to others.

“In an attempt to achieve this, you will be constantly stumbling, learning new things. But over time, you will learn to accept both success and failure as positive. You will cease to enjoy when you complete a task as intended or to become upset if something does not happen because you will understand that both success and defeat are just parts of something larger.”

My Comment: It’s nice to see how psychological conclusions approach Kabbalistic ones.

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  1. Could Rav Kindly offer the Kabbalists’ Version of this Excerpt?

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