Transforming A Collection Of People Into A Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group must be a means for ascent, for reaching the small state (absolute bestowal), for attaining the importance of the goal. To be in a group does not mean that one is just found in the company of a hundred people. A group is a system in which you want to be in the right line, following the point of choice.

Before the choice, this is not yet a group, but simply a collection of people, like the crowd that left Egypt that still hadn’t transformed into a people but was just a mass. Only after they received the Torah, entered into mutual guarantee, then it is said about them: “Today you have become my people.”

After the ego is discovered and Mount Sinai (“Sin” – hatred) was found between all of them, thoughts that were tearing apart those who had gathered at the bottom of the mountain, only then does the person feel a need for the group.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/14

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