Evolutionary Biology Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexander Markov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Senior Research Professor at the Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences): “From where did the human being acquire ability for a long-term romantic love with the formation of permanent couples? The same systems of regulation work both in humans and animals – neural networks that control sexual and social behavior.

“Neurobiological studies show that love is something more than a basic emotion. It is associated with higher cognitive functions. Romantic love includes activity of the parts of the cortex, responsible for social cognition (the work with information about other people) and perception (image) of oneself. Conclusion: love is based on a desire to extend the internal image of oneself by including the other person in this image.”

My Comment: Everything is created only for expansion of feeling and inclusion of feelings between all those who fill the world. In the human being, love is necessary as a means of communication and mutual inclusion, which leads to both greater positive and negative interactions and further to an understanding of the need to unite completely to fulfill the purpose of creation.

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