Enough With Feeling Bored, Let’s Start Working!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the spiritual root of indifference?

Answer: The spiritual root of indifference stems from the state of rest that our ego is attracted to. It is the lowest egoistic state. I lie, doing nothing, filling my sight with interesting pictures, my hearing with pleasant sounds, my mouth with tasty food, and my nose with pleasant odors. If I totally fill myself, I have no deficiencies left, and there is no motion. I can enjoy the quiet!

Question: So how can we overcome the indifference, especially during the workshop when I suddenly feel bored and indifferent?

Answer: I don’t understand how someone can be bored during the workshop if it provides a great opportunity to work. I listen to the friends and I feel that I am burning. First I have to be incorporated in each one. One of the friends speaks nonsense, but I annul myself and try to fathom his words, accepting them as if he were Elijah the prophet. I penetrate the friend and want to live in his words, which are the only reason to be incorporated in him.

Then another friend speaks and begins to philosophize, and I can hardly restrain myself, but I let him finish. Here I have another type of work: I am incorporated in him, suffer, and see to what extent what he says is right or wrong. It is not in order to criticize what he says, but in order to help me be incorporated in him even more. The more my ego criticizes the friends, the more deeply it helps me penetrate them.

When we end a round of debate, I am incorporated in each one and practically burst as a result of the experiences that fill me. I am not full of their words since I don’t even remember what they said, but I am full of my efforts to be incorporated in them.

We have to see the workshop as an opportunity to be incorporated in the friends, despite our criticism. First it seems that one friend speaks nonsense, another friend speaks too much, another didn’t hear the question at all, and another one doesn’t even understand how low he fell. But all this doesn’t matter! Even if I went to some other place to participate in a roundtable discussion, I would also be incorporated in my partners and would do the same work with them. I wouldn’t receive less from them than I receive here.

How can I feel bored if I constantly work? No matter what the friend says, I try to delve deeper into him and to feel his inner space. Each one is like a womb for me, and by the connection between the friends, I form the womb, enter it, and feel that I am inside some kind of space, inside a human being.

Every friend is my environment. When we complete a full round, I form a bubble of all the friends, a sack of amniotic fluid inside the womb. I feel like a baby. I penetrate the friend, discover an inner space, and try to get used to him, and by my thoughts, feelings of repulsion, I begin to identify with what is inside him.

Start working! This inner work is called a friends’ meeting and not debates on foreign affairs.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/14, Writings of Rabash

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