The Spiritual State Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you ever have the feeling that we don’t have time to manage to do something?

Answer: The feeling that “we don’t have time” isn’t relevant for me. I am already an elderly person who knows how much time I have left. I simply want to see a clearly assembled organization that is connected to the masses and to the Creator, and begins to work seriously. This is an organization called the “State of Israel.”

In this case, the State of Israel is not a geographic concept. It consists of different interconnected functional blocks, part of which operate in order to sustain themselves both physically and spiritually.

The part that is connected to the Creator is the Kohanim (Cohens – priests). The part that provides the ideological basis is the Levites. The part that provides the material basis is the people. And together they all tied to connect with all the outside world, and they have many connections with the masses, with all countries, and with all of humanity. This is how it all works.

If I could at least see a prototype of such an organization, I might not be in such a hurry anymore. And although it’s already looming, it is not enough; there is no clear contact with the general public; there is still no contact with the Creator,

The contact with the lower and the contact with the upper are mutually dependent and we are in the middle. The more we manage to approach the general public successfully, the more will need the Creator correctly, and will thus receive help from Above.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/19/13

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