So The World Will Become More Wonderful

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Unfortunately a person involved with Integral Education doesn’t acquire a global vision immediately. On one hand, he has a group that cannot change him right away; on the other hand, there is the external world which dictates its rules. What should he do in a in this situation?

Answer: Our world doesn’t dictate any rules that contradict the integral method. A person safely engage in Integral Education. In our world there are many exercises that relax a person, train him, expand or narrow his horizons according to what each method is designed for.

We do not present and compare opposites; on the contrary, we say that our world is good and we do not have to wait until it will deteriorate. It is only necessary to include one more force in it and then it will become even more wonderful; we can manage it.

We have always advanced under the influence of one attraction that was egoistic. Egoism lashed us from behind like a whip and we developed. Now a further force is beginning to be discovered that is altruistic, and therefore we have lost control; we have lost our bearings in this world because according to our internal structure, we are not at all adapted to what is being discovered in the world.

We propose the method of awareness, the method for discovering that system of forces that manages us in order to find our bearings in our world again, to understand where we are going, where that system is, how we can enter it, and to secure our future.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/26/13

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