As Long As The Two Forces Of Nature Are Not Aggravated

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose a person studying the integral method suddenly and painlessly experiences a change in direction of his flow of negative energy. When he encounters people he formerly hated, will he no longer feel this quality towards them? Will it be directed only towards his ego now?

Answer: The idea is that we can change all of our negative, egoistic characteristics into their opposites. If we create the appropriate atmosphere around a person, this will happen rapidly and easily. A small community of the like-minded surrounding him will always encourage him. With his new world view, there will not be any reason for him to see people as enemies; now he will look at them as fragments of his own soul; he feels himself and them as a single whole.

But if he disregards the integral method, then nature will strike him with hard sufferings, disasters ,and extreme situations, and still will oblige him to change, but this is the way of very great suffering. Not much time will pass until a person begins to think: “Why did sufferings like this fall upon me? Where did they come from? What is to be done? Where is there to turn?! It would be better for me to die than to live!”

But he will not be allowed to die until he understands that all the disasters, the epidemics, famine, floods, volcanic eruptions, and the disastrous civil wars, come from his egoism. He will not know how to fend off everything that has befallen, where to hide from it.

Therefore we propose people learn the integral method as long as nature doesn’t begin to take care of them, as long as they don’t aggravate its two forces (the positive and the negative), since it will not be very easy for humanity to balance the two forces in their natural appearance, in fact it could be totally eradicated. In this case, a small handful of people will survive on the face of the globe and under the influence of the forces of nature, they will include within them all of humanity with all of their suffering, they will understand that they must change themselves. What we suggest to people cannot be compared to this possibility.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/26/13

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