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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,”: Thus, the Thought of Creation itself necessarily dictates the creation of an excessive will to receive in the souls, to fit the immense pleasure that His Almightiness thought to bestow upon the souls. For the great delight and the great desire to receive go hand in hand.

The purpose of creation is to benefit. Whom? To anyone who wants to get this benefit. To what extent is it possible to bring him benefit? To the extent he wants to receive it. It turns out that the Creator needs to create in the created beings the desire, matching His benefit. If the Creator wants to give the created being endless pleasure, to bring him unlimited fulfillment in all directions, then it’s necessary to create such a being that could understand, comprehend, and feel endlessly.

But that does not mean just to be fulfilled. The goal is in another thing so that the created being constantly wants more, without limit, without end. How can we get this ability? How can I form the vessel of desire that will always want more and never be filled? Is this possible?

Comment: It’s necessary to be integrated in the group.

Answer: Well, I integrate in the group, put myself under its influence, and adopt the friends’ desires. But eventually, the end will come. Can we imagine an infinite desire?

Comment: We need to take fulfillment beyond the limits of desire and then it will become unlimited.

Answer: Correct, this is already a solution. Fulfilling myself in the end I always “become closed.” We understand that in order not to “close” the vessel of desire, the opposite approach is necessary, which is based on bestowal, love. Striving to get outside, being out of myself, it can then be unlimited in my senses.

And yet, isn’t this vessel unlimited? After all, I give others what I have. Even if I obtain their vessels, desires, I fill them with what I have. This already imposes a limit.

In essence, here is a question of whether it’s not enough to love only created beings. Why do we have to achieve love of the Creator, mutual bestowal with Him? Indeed, this is the condition: In order to do good to His created beings, they have to enter into relationship with Him, which is based on bestowal – reception.

Meanwhile, we cannot imagine what the infinite love of the Creator is. We have nothing infinite inside and that is why these words tell us nothing. Even the entire universe is not limited, as it has been discovered. In fact, there is no true concept of infinity in our world. “I love you immeasurably,” we say. But it means, immeasurably for the time being. We cannot comprehend true boundlessness; it’s not manifested in our senses.

On the contrary, we feel that we exist only due to limits because of restrictions. We perceive our existence; see ourselves and our surroundings within this framework. But in boundlessness, everything will immediately disappear, and it’s a terrible sensation. It’s called the “illumination of Malchut,” which is revealed in the form of a dark abyss. There’s nothing worse than it.
From the 4th Part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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