The Creator Is Always the Absolute Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”: …the Creator is, in and of Himself, complete and needs no one to help Him to completion, since He precedes everything, it is therefore clear that He does not have any will to receive. And because He has no will to receive, He is fundamentally devoid of a desire to harm anyone; it is as simple as that.

Furthermore, it is completely agreeable to our mind as the first concept, that He possesses a desire to bestow goodness upon others, meaning to His creatures. And that is evidently shown by the great Creation that He has created and set before our eyes. For in this world there are beings that necessarily experience either a good feeling or a bad one, and that feeling necessarily comes to them from the Creator. And once it is absolutely clear that there is no aim to harm in the nature of the Creator, it necessitates that the creatures receive only goodness from Him, for He has created them only to bestow upon them.

Thus we learn that He has only a desire to bestow goodness, and it is utterly impossible that any harmfulness might be in His domain, which could emit from Him. Hence we have defined Him as “The Absolute Good.” And after we have learned that, let us take a look at the actual reality that is guided by Him, and how He bestows only goodness upon them.”

We don’t see it this way. For us, it looks like everything is upside down in this world. Compared to inanimate, vegetative and animate nature, the speaking level suffers much more than others. The more advanced a person is, the bigger his distresses are. So, where do we see the “Absolute Good” here?

It applies to another level of existence, to a different plane of life. Here, there are no traces of the Absolute Good, nor can we expect that, at some point, things will become better. On the contrary, throughout all of history, we advance solely toward evil. The truth is that we develop in order to realize our evil inclination that is built into our nature, our properties. It doesn’t matter where exactly since everything is the same. That’s why it is useless to hope or wait for positive things in this world.

As to the Absolute Good (the Creator) and our connection with Him, we are unable to even fantasize about it since we are restricted by our present boundaries. It doesn’t have anything in common with this world at all. There is no link between this realm and the upper force whatsoever. All we have here is the will to receive that continues to change. However, there is no “Good that does Good,” no “Absolute Benevolence,” no Creator!

The purpose of this world is to reveal the fact that we cannot tolerate this realm any longer. The trick is that we should reveal this fact and disclose the reasons that cause this state. Not only am I in pain and scream about it, this pain must explain why I go through it and how to rid myself of it.

Otherwise, I will control my pain to reach a better state. This doesn’t mean that there will be no pain in my life, although I will reach a different, higher level of attainment, understanding and realization that will allow me to control myself by using my aspiration to the delight and the affliction as the reins for self-control. At this stage, I don’t want to rid myself of suffering or enjoy myself. I begin to understand and clarify exactly to what I should aspire. Regardless of my aversion to affliction and my desire to be delighted, I still want to behave correctly. Gradually, while pursuing this path, I substantiate what “correctly” means.

This type of analysis begins in our current state and continues from one stage to another. Gradually, we begin recognizing potential features of the Absolute Good. It takes a lot of time and lots of clarification. It is a process that makes it possible for us to define what’s good and what’s bad.

Then, we regard these concepts not just based on what we feel, but purposefully. Thus, we move forward. We rise above the “animal” analysis of what’s good and what’s bad, which is based on our positive or negative sensations. Rather, we switch to a human-type analysis that relates everything to the upper goal. We place the upper goal ahead of everything. Only through the upper goal can we distinguish between good and evil.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/13, “There is None Else Besides Him”

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