From What Does Integrality Begin?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there any importance to the level of development of the ego that is found in the person who learns the Integral Method?

Answer: When we create an altruistic channel within the person, when he is included in the collective, then it is not important to us who he is at all! One could be an academic and another could be a homeless bum. There is no significance in it. In the integral circle they are absolutely equal in value. There is no preference or advanced rights for anyone.

In integral development there is no difference between a scientist, a psychologist, a politician, or a simple person off the street. Regarding our method they are all equal. Only one thing is important to us: Before us sits a concentration of egoistic energy and we need to give these ten people their method of correction.

Suppose that I am a doctor and people come from a variety of professions for treatment, I don’t treat the musician by teaching him how to play correctly, or the mathematician, I treat the illness! Here it is the same thing!

We don’t check the science degrees, the certification of assets, or the education. Regarding the integral method they are nothing! Ten people sit in a circle, everything that is in them is reduced to zero and we start from this point.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/26/13

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