When Priorities Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that the altruistic force becomes an integral part of a person and begins to dictate new norms of behavior to him. Then, what? How does a person like this need to behave?

Answer: When the altruistic force begins to speak in a person, he acts in accordance with it. To the degree that it realizes itself in a person, he will act to that degree. He becomes qualitatively better, more honest and, yes, more supportive and sympathetic, actively helpful to everyone.

Question: In our world, it will be very difficult for people like this.

Answer: I don’t know. I don’t personally feel this.

Certainly, a person like this will not participate in filthy intrigues and machinations at work. He will not pursue capital. He will swap priorities.

Suppose that advancement in a career is imperative for him for the needs of some of his achievements as a scientist, as an expert. So, he will be involved with this. However, if this doesn’t interest him, he will not climb the career ladder at the expense of others.

The person doesn’t become “dry.” He lives a full life but, together with this, he views the world with completely different eyes. Outside, he seems like a relaxed, balanced, intelligent, kind, and friendly person, while within him intense changes are taking place that are not seen by those around him.

Gradually, the mutual connection between people that is called the “upper world” begins to be revealed to him. He begins to see the system of our connections that is found between us and behaves according to this. Therefore, there cannot be any conflict with the society here, for he becomes the most useful component of society.

Who could disagree with him? Who could be against him? The external field—which is composed of two forces and already operates within him—will never make things such that it will be bad for him. On the contrary, he is found in equivalence, in resemblance, in mutual connection, in harmony, with nature.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/26/13

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