At The Threshold Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the process of its development, the creation goes through three basic states.

The first step is the world of Infinity. The Upper Force, the Creator, made the creation perfect. Perfection cannot be divided into phases; it’s unified. It derives from the initial thought of creation according to which the creation and the Creator are at the same level.

However, the perfection associated with the initial state transforms into the third, final developmental phase only after it goes through the second phase. During this process, the creation descends from the world of Infinity through five worlds; it goes down 125 steps that separate the creation from the Creator. Gradually, the creation “distances itself” even more and thus develops a sensation of its “independence.” Finally, it ends up in this world: the worst, most distant condition from the Creator. It is through this separation that the creation can feel it exists independently.

And then the process of correction begins, an ascent from this world through the spiritual worlds back to Infinity. So man (Adam) begins developing in us; it’s not the body but the soul when we gradually acquire similarity with the Creator, the power of bestowal and love of neighbors.

And “neighbor” is one who is outside of our will to receive; he is the one we cultivate love towards. This sensation is above knowledge, beyond our emotions and intellect, above us, and above our perception of reality. Loving our neighbors is really feeling them, sensing that they are included in us. This brings us closer with them until it reaches love for them.

Thus, love for our neighbors moves us back to Infinity, rises us up and brings us to a state the final correction.

The whole world is entering this process; people discover it within. Why?—because nobody is in control of this tendency.

For thousands of years we never thought about our internal advancement; we simply went ahead, driven by our own desires. Until now, there was no contradiction between the vector of general development and our internal natural impulses. Our advancement matched and complemented our selfish aspirations.

As a result, we came to capitalism and within a short period of time made an egoistic “leap” in science and technologies, and in recent decades began to sink in crisis.

Our egoistic development is coming to an end. Our nature “rounds out”, integrates, and unveils new laws to us. Previously, we used our abilities to take advantage of others to earn money and succeed; now, this approach is winding down. Environmental conditions have changed; we can continue our path only if are consistent with them and adapt to them.

So in our perception and sensations, in our decision-making processes, we have to comply with nature: “round,” integral, and comprehensive. Without this, we won’t understand what’s going on and won’t find correct approaches. If we don’t comply, we will always make wrong decisions that won’t benefit us.

This is the situation we are in now and why Kabbalah is revealed to us. After all, we are in the beginning of the conscious state of the second developmental phase. Our descent from Infinity to this world is completed; the preparation period in this world is completed, and now we begin the correction, the realization of evil and ascent to Infinity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/14/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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