The Dawn Of Awakening

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the Creator want from me when He “plays” with me?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t want anything. He is good and does good. Based on the plan of creation, to benefit the creature, He performed only one action: created the desire to receive. Moreover, it was created as perfect from the start. As the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” describes, the initial and final states are in unified perfection.

However, in order to know where we are, how and why He initially created us, we gradually return to consciousness and dissolve the state we are in. After all, everything takes place relative to us, in our perception. Nothing changes except my understanding and awareness.

Therefore, the Creator doesn’t want anything from us; He simply gave us an opportunity to consciously know the state in which we were created as perfect, eternal, and similar to Him. That is what we are supposed to accomplish, having undergone several stages. First, we develop unconsciously, on the still, vegetative, and animate level of desires. And at the last stage, the speaking one, we arrive at consciousness and attain our authentic state. We are living in the time when this transition is being made.

Previously, there were people who attained spirituality as well, but only a few individuals. As for today, this process involves all souls which start to sense and realize where they really are.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/4/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. A short aside that may be appreciated. The first temple or perfect desire seems to be the cell. It is an infinite universe manifest in form, a temple, a monument to the creator and the best pointer for the infinite (which can’t be touched only pointed at) But of course this was not enough to directly couple it to infinity, being only one level. Fractals are bonded to infinity and need at least three steps to be clear and true. The 2nd temple seems to be Humans, which are even greater and more complex (to us) examples of infinity and such a beautiful and impossible thing, yet real. This again was not enough, and seemed to break and fall. The third temple will be the unified consciousness of humanity, and will reign forever as the breaking, the forgetting will never occur again after this. It is not that it failed before, but the three levels were needed in order to create an obvious fractal that could be understood even by children/ everyone.

    Let me explain the fractal part. The most basic fractal is the golden ratio, an ancient geometrical concept. It has one line, comprised of a smaller and longer segment. This allows for 3 lengths, the shorter, longer, and both. The ratio is the longer to the shorter = the sum(both) to the longer. This is enough to carry the pattern forever in both directions, and is the most effective pointer and revealer of infinity, the actual place we are (Look how detailed everything is !) I hope this is at least amusing (:

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