The Three Levels

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn our world, all created beings can be divided into three types:

1. Some still remain indifferent; they neither understand, nor feel, nor think about whether they are receiving something from Above.

2. Others, unlike those at the animate level, believe that they receive everything from the Creator. But they, too, don’t know what to do with it. They haven’t grown up enough to realize that they are receiving the evil inclination that has to be transformed into good. Having experienced evil, a person believes that he or she received it from Above and starts crying, appealing, and praying for the Creator to send him or her abundance.

This is how religious folks act, those who assume that the Creator sends them pain either to remind them that He exists or to reward them for it in this or the future world. One way or another, a person believes that his or her prayer will change the Creator and He will have a change of heart.

3. And the rest have evolved even more and realize that the Creator doesn’t change. He is always good, always full of love, and always complete. As a person passes through a chain of internal states, he or she discovers that in the light of the perfect, unchanging, and infinite Creator, they are mutable and opposite. A person defines it as evil and arrives at the need to plea, in accordance with which his or her state is transformed into good.

As a result, a person sees that the Creator is an endless and constant Upper Light, the Infinity, and he or she is the only one who changes. The Reshimot (informational genes) unfold in a person, starting with the broken one that he becomes aware of by exerting effort in the group and studies. He discerns this Reshimo and prays for it, meaning judges it and asks to correct it, wishing for it to get reformed.

Thereby, a person receives a new desire by participating in the life of the group correctly. Then, the immutable Light transforms this corrupted, broken Reshimo into a corrected one. A Zivug (uniting, coupling) of the reformed Reshimo with the Light occurs, and a Partzuf of the soul is formed.

We divide people into the following three basic types:

1. Those who are not fit for correction yet;
2. Those who are religious and pray for the Creator to change;
3.  the Kabbalists who understand that it is they who must change.

Therefore, spiritual work is for the Kabbalists; praying without receiving an answer is for the religious believers; and life without any connection with the Creator is for the rest.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/4/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Why is do the “religious” people get any special differenciation instead of the non religious? How does a person who simply believes in a Creator have any different/closer connection to Him than a non religious? What is the real difference between the two?

  2. Wonderfully, concisely and clearly written! Clarity is all we really lack on this subject (: I have noticed that people say they simply fail to communicate about such things, it pops in their mind and they make no sense. Very well written, I really enjoyed and appreciate this article.

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