What Does The Prohibition Of “Other Gods” Mean?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe commandment that “you shall not have other gods in the work” means that it is forbidden to think that there are other forces that operate on you. There is only one force that man is standing against, the Creator. The difference between a person, which is a special level of the desire to receive, and all the other previous levels of development is that a person calculates things and can see himself from the side: Who am I, what am I, why did I act in a certain way and why do others act in another way, who is influencing me, how am I operated? A person has a point of observation from which he can appreciate things as if from the outside.

It is as if he is divided into two parts and can look at himself either from inside his ego, when he operates in agreement with his nature, or from the side. Then he sees that all his work is to attribute everything to one force. This force operates on him internally and externally and determines everything that he does and thinks at the moment. There is only one point of clarification, and if he sees things through it, he can assess himself correctly if he understands that both the internal and the external reality: he, his perspective, and feelings are all arranged by the Creator.

This point of clarification is centered on one thing only, on whether he really attributes everything to one cause. At this point there is nothing but this discernment, this condition, attributing everything to one force that created the desire that manages it and fills it. This means that what the desire to receive feels and understands also come from the same force. The point that examines everything and focuses a person on attributing everything to the upper providence is also managed by that one force.

All of what is happening to a person and his feelings that he cannot attribute to one cause is called “other gods.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/13, Shamati #15 “What Is Other Gods in the Work”

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