The Process Of Societal Decay

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The present state of humanity is a typical picture of the degradation of all of humanity. If we take the Roman Empire as an example, there the system deteriorated and broke apart so much that every part worked only for itself and for the whole, and therefore, the commands of the authorities lacked power. The terrible process of societal decay began. And now we are speaking about a much larger scale that humanity has never experienced.

Answer: And even now this is happening without sword and spear, just as it was then! If we see humanity as some kind of unified system, various societies developed at different rates, but in general, it was a collective system within which individual units were damaged. But the system was always restored, whereas today the state is such that no healthy societies are left because the crisis touches all of humanity in general and damages the entire system.

The Kabbalists predicted these phenomena on a completely scientific basis. If we take our ego as the basic force of nature from which all social and even natural laws are derived, then in the end, the ego must grow to a state like this where it subjugates everything that exists, meaning that it will destroy all the connections between people.

And while in the beginning it acts to create these connections, yet after it arranges them, it reaches personal satisfaction. This happened in the mid ‘50s of the previous century, when everyone thought that humanity was entering a state of the infinite development of the consumer society in which everything was for the good of the person: schools, universities, culture, science, the conquest of space.

Various societies encountered this in different ways, yet they specifically wanted to attain this goal. Egoism attracted us towards this type of development. And as a result of this, when we systematically connected and organized reciprocal worldwide global connections, we immediately began to die, like the Roman Empire.

To date, we certainly see that we don’t have the ability to use these connections correctly. They all act not only against the person himself but also against the entire society, and destroys them. In this connection it’s possible to see the nature of the cancerous growth in the body clearly as it kills everything that nourishes it and in the end itself dies.

To be continued – please see Avoiding Fatal Destiny.
From KabTV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/2013

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