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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we understand that there are different forms of connections between us? How can the connection between us change?

Answer: Imagine that you suddenly discover that the person sitting next to you, whom you hardly know and whose name you don’t even remember, is your brother. Your mother sends you a letter saying: “I have seen the two of you sitting together and I am overwhelmed. How can it be that my two sons have suddenly met! I had no idea what had become of him. He was kidnapped when he was a small child and here he is all of a sudden right next to you, what joy!”

You suddenly discover that you are brothers and your relations totally change. This is what we try to understand. You suddenly discover that the other is not just next to you but inside you and it has nothing to do with blood ties or that you have the same mother or father, but it is directly because of you. Adhesion is the state when another person becomes more important to you than yourself. If the part called the other is separated from you, you die. So you cannot agree to that! Your life is worthless without connection.

This is the only thing the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about: about the lack of connection and about connecting. There is nothing but that. We have a desire to receive, which we do not understand, and we learn about it by the Light that fills it from the shattering to correction, which means by connection. There are no other actions but that. If we speak about the perception of colors, music, or sounds, we only feel them as movement: either distant or close to one another.

We don’t feel those who are distant or near, we don’t attain the essence, we only feel the change. Every instrument is built according to this principle. We can resemble one another in different attributes, on different levels, in different manners. We don’t know the essence of the desire to receive, which is something from nothing. What is more, we don’t know what a desire to bestow is, something from something. We exist in a state of changing relations between us, and this is the only thing we perceive.

If the desire to receive and the desire to bestow were not moving mutually one towards the other, then we wouldn’t feel anything in our desire to receive and would cease to exist. Everything depends on the changes in our relationships, whether we feel greater love or lesser love. This is what we actually feel. We are not in the actual attributes of the desire to receive and the desire to bestow but in a derivative that determines the change in our relationship. This means that by perceiving only the changes, we don’t measure the speed but rather the acceleration.

If we move in a constant speed, we don’t feel anything and it is as if we stand in the same place (according to the principle of relativity in mechanics). Only if there is a change in velocity, which means that we accelerate, do we begin to feel it. It turns out that we live in this derivative and that we will never know the real essence, the something from nothing and the something from something, because we are the outcome of the meeting between the two.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/13, The Zohar

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