The West Pays For The Destruction Of The USSR

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergei V. Lukyanenko, science-fiction writer, author of Night Watch and Day Watch): “In the competition between the USSR and the capitalist world, the USSR at the beginning had two trump cards: internationalism and social equality. By discarding belief in God, national patriotism, competition – only by these two ideas ‘internationalism and social equality,’ the Soviet Union waged competition with the world and even was a leader in some moments.

“The fact is that ‘internationalism and social equality’ appeal directly to the human desire for justice, equality, brotherhood.

“The USSR could be destroyed only in the following ways:

– By distorting their ideas in the USSR, what the Soviet government did,

– By demonstrating that the capitalism in the ‘West’ is also capable of internationalism and social justice (providing for the unemployed and education for the poor) – this was done in the ‘West’ by introducing a system of free healthcare, social assistance, free and accessible education, equality of nationalities and races.

“After that, the Soviet Union was doomed because in the stimulation of production, productivity, flexibility of production and trade the benefits of the capitalist system are obvious.

“But the mechanisms that are running ‘in the West’ continue to work: by letting millions of immigrants and giving them citizenship, it is impossible to return to nationalism without shocks. It is also necessary to recognize the freedom of belief and equality of religions.

“Creating a system of social assistance to the poor, countries have to put up with millions living on welfare and demanding everything from the state. Having declared the equality of sexual minorities, it is ridiculous not to expect that this will finish Christianity, disintegrate society, destroy the foundations of Euro-American civilization.

“’In the West,’ it is still possible to change back to the past – but only by rejecting ‘internationalism’ and ‘social equality,’ but this would lead to such unpredictable shocks, for which the West is not ready. So, the boomerang sent by the West returns after hitting the target, the USSR, and I see some deep justice.”

My Comment: The alternate recognition of evil in a capitalist and socialist state, which both the West and the East must go through, will lead them to the need to work together to solve the problem not of coexistence, but existence in general, and will bring them together in opposition to the South …

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