Family As A Means Of Spiritual Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we continue encouraging people to create families?

Answer: We are going through a stage of human development where the family institution is falling apart; it is no longer necessary. We have worked through the old stage, threw it aside, and now must ascend to a new level. It has yet to emerge. So the younger generation is re-assessesing their values: They don’t want to create families, give birth to children, or to be obligated to anyone or anything.

But this is a temporary phase. People are looking for an answer to the question, “Why do we need a family?” In general, we always deal with the question, “Why?” People need to find meaning in the family when it’s not an end for reproduction, in order to maintain life and everything. Today, we have developed such services and amenities that we do not need a family. Instead of a wife, a supermarket and other services can take care of household tasks, and one can find a woman, and every day a new one.

If one feels that one needs a family, then of course one will come to it, but at a new level, the primary “cell” of the society, which raises man to the next level of existence. If a person realizes that he has this need, one will gladly create a family. People would feel that by having a family they advance, gaining new vessels of sensation of existing in this world.

And all the everyday aspects of life for which we have created devices and services to serve these needs, were specifically created according to the program of nature so that we no longer need a family as a material entity, and eventually will realize that we need our families solely as a special, miraculous instrument that stimulates our ascent to a new level.

Comment: Doesn’t everybody strive to enjoy the warmth and joy that come from family communications?

Answer: People will experience them in the integral family. The main thing is that one will feel oneself, acknowledge one’s own nature and the entire world at a totally new level. If one sees that a family promotes one’s attainment of this elevated state, one will agree to have it. If not, then people will reject having families.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/21/13

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