Childhood Diseases

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Your recommendations regarding integral education projects are expressed very clearly in writing, but what should we do if in practice they are not fulfilled in the same manner and not according to your recommendations?

Answer: The point is that as we grow the group goes through different states. This is what we often call childhood diseases. When a child develops he has to catch the childhood diseases because otherwise his body will not build up the special protective properties and will not be able to mobilize the inner system to resist the external environment.

We are under the harmful influence of the external environment all the time and our inner systems continuously work on that so as not to be influenced by its negative effect or to neutralize it somehow. This is how every living organism works.

For example, how much can a stone perceive from the outside? Very little, and therefore it retains the same form all the time. A plant gives and takes more, and an animal even more. A person perceives a great amount of information, a lot of psychological influences, and we have to respond to all that; otherwise, our body will not be able to hold on! This is how we stabilize ourselves.

So we go through childhood diseases: We do something right and something wrong, we express our opinion, we keep quiet, we shout, and we curse. Let people experience all that! We have to go through such states. As a result many people will leave and so gradually what has to be will be stabilized.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/22/13

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