An Infinite Pipe

Dr. Michael LaitmanI have to rise above my egoistic desire to accept the importance of the Creator and the created beings. They are on the two ends of the pipe that I will become, and I have to see them as more important than me. I only have to form the pipe that will connect the two. I exert myself by annulling myself before the Creator’s desire and before the desire of the people, and I become a matchmaker between the two.

My nature is to hate everyone except for myself. So when I rise above my ego by restricting it, I become a point. So how can I turn it into a pipe?

I form the pipe according to the extent of the availability of  the Light of Hassadim, which determines the diameter of my pipe. The diameter is determined by how much I am connected to the Creator and the created beings above the Hassadim, and I turn this pipe into a link, the connecting line.

There is a whole system working here. If the Creator and the created beings were equal, then there would be no need for a pipe. But on the other hand, they eventually have to be equal and connected in every possible sense.

So does that mean that the pipe will disappear? No the pipe won’t disappear but will become infinite, and thanks to them, it will be me. I take the desire to bestow from the Creator and the desire to receive from the created beings and become incorporated in both.

Then I begin to understand that both the Creator and the created beings exist for me, although I do this work for them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/12/13, Shamati #3The Matter of Spiritual Attainment

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