An Eye For An Eye

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Most of us wish to participate in new projects, but we lose interest very quickly. How can we keep people’s motivation so that they will continue to work on the project they have chosen?

Answer: Working on a project is your collective obligation to one another and you have to fulfill it.

Notice that an obligation to one another is no different than an obligation to the Creator. If I take it upon myself to be committed to a certain project and then neglect it, then as Rabash and Baal HaSulam say, the Creator repays us in the same way and our action is also measured from above in the exact same way.

If I neglect my project because of my laziness or because of other circumstances, then I summon upon myself the influence of the Light accordingly. It isn’t because this is desirable or undesirable above; the Creator has no such feelings as “I want to” or “I don’t want to.”

It is the upper force and it influences us according to our exertion. So when we stop yearning forward, its yearning for us also stops in the exact same way. It is an automatic action of two opposite forces: Our desire and the Upper Light.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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