The Methodology Of A Spiral Takeoff

Dr. Michael LaitmanSomething that a person does on their own is never taken into account because he alone is not capable of spiritual actions. “Spiritual” means that it’s directed towards correction of the shattering and is oriented towards connection that requires the participation of the common force. If one does something on his own, he always acts out of egoism since he’s not capable of any other actions.

So, this kind of effort is not taken into account. One imagines that he puts in a lot of effort and deprives himself of so much and he thinks that he engages a huge power; however, there is no point to his endeavors and they will not be taken into consideration. In the course of time, one becomes indignant because he doesn’t see any advancement nor does he move anywhere; he gets disappointed in his ability to attain spirituality. However, it doesn’t mean that he is not capable of achieving it; he simply hasn’t done anything in the right way.

Sometimes it can take up from 10 to 15 years to understand where we are and to eventually hear what we were told so many times from the very first day of our study. Only after quite a number of years does a person realize that spiritual power can be obtained only from the group, the environment, and only to the extent of one’s self-annulment. One is able to nullify himself even if it does not involve his thoughts or desires, but only at a simple level of physical actions. The more he bows his head, the more he’ll accept other people’s thoughts and desires that are oriented towards spirituality. Those will be spiritual thoughts and desires, since a person receives them by suppressing his egoism! Thus, he’ll advance one step at a time; it is said that a many pennies accumulate into a large sum.

So, love of one’s friends is the necessary and only prerequisite that serves as the leverage and springboard to achieve the goal. If a person doesn’t make a “zero” of himself in relation to his friends’ “one,” he won’t attain the spiritual force and proceed with its help.

To proceed means that with its help he can annul himself once again, then he gets inspired by the group once more, and through this inspiration he comes into contact with the Creator. So, it looks as if there is a small child compared to the group of adults. I get a sensation of the greatness of the goal by relating to the Creator through them. This is how I advance over and over again by ascending in a spiral, that is called “in circles.”

There are no other opportunities to move forward. The network, the only vessel that was shattered, is right in front of us at this very moment. Even though we can’t actively work with 99% of the vessel because they don’t want to become our partners in this kind of work, we still have friends given to us by the Creator who gathered us together in order to help each other by annulling oneself in front of others in order to get strength from each one of us. With the help of this force, we’ll continue our advancement to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/4/12, Writings of Rabash

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