The Collector Of The Shattered Souls

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we prepare ourselves before we go out to disseminate integral education?

Answer: You have to connect to the friends and you prepare yourself to the fact that you are going to correct the parts of your soul in which there is a force that is opposite from the Creator, which means the shattered Upper Light, the Light that shattered the vessels.

You are going to correct the relationship between these vessels using the same Light that was in the vessels, but which later inserted the force of hatred and rejection into them instead of the force of unity, and left them. Now it’s on the outside as the Surrounding Light. You are going to take care of these vessels and to draw the Surrounding Light upon them in order to bring them closer to each other and connect them by this Surrounding Light. Then the Light of NRNHY will flow in the connection between them, between all these souls. The Creator will sustain this whole NRNHY by being in the internality of the NRNHY.

We shouldn’t pay attention to their faces, to their external form, or to what they say. We should see these people as shattered vessels, shattered souls. First you have to draw this picture in your mind and then you can go out and disseminate, constantly holding this picture in your mind as you work. Then you will surely succeed and be a link, a pipe through which the Light will flow.
From the Preparation from the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/13

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