The Open Dissemination Channel

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe entire world is my outer vessel. There is nothing in the world besides one person, and all the rest are my parts that are presented before my eyes as strangers that I must elevate and evaluate, because in this way I will reach the form of bestowal.

The expression of bestowal is with love. We bestow to whom we love. If you love someone, you think about how to do something good for him all the time. Look at how a mother doesn’t divert her gaze from her baby and only searches for what else can be done for him. This is an example that nature gives us.

Therefore, when we go out to disseminate, we realize our personal correction very rapidly, appropriately, usefully, and directly. It is up to us to feel that solely and only with these people will we discover the Creator, and not inside us. All of our inner desires that exist now will need to be rolled up, contracted.

Only this eternal aspiration remains in its pure form, net, without any calculation, when it comes directly from the point in the heart. And we say that all the rest of our desires are to be contracted, we must rise above them. The efforts directed outside of us, together with the external desires, this is what will become our soul.

To that degree that we begin to take care of people and feel their advancement, we begin more and more to be concerned about their success even to a much greater degree than our own personal advancement. This is like foster parents who invest more love and concern in their adopted children than they would in their own children because they are afraid that they will not love them and they try to win their love. And whereas their own child can sometimes be punished because we think that they can bear everything; with  adopted children they need to increase attention throughout their lives relative to their own children.

Thus when we go out to the general public and invest our efforts in them. The further that these people seem to be, the more we receive the Light that Reforms.

From the moment that we open a channel of bestowal to the external world, there is nothing more important than dissemination. With this we are assured that everyone is prepared to attain the spiritual world! If not dissemination, then only uniquely chosen students would be able to reach the discovery of spirituality. Solely and only thanks to the channel of dissemination being open can we receive them all, and not necessarily here, rather in the entire world. Everything now depends only on the person himself.

Without dissemination we have no possibility of turning to parts of our soul. Our soul is found outside, in the entire world around us: in the still, vegetative, animate, and human. We need to correct only the person, and all the rest of the parts of nature will be corrected together with us because they are without free choice. This free choice is not in the people around you rather it’s within you and in how you utilize the opportunity that is given to you and begin to disseminate this method to implement it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/04/13, Shamati #121 “She Is Like Merchant-Ships”

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