The Anniversary Of The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Washington Post): “The five-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy is this weekend, and the Treasury Department—where the response to the crisis that failure spurred unfolded—has issued a document that amounts to its take on what has happened since then. It includes some terrific graphs that add up to a visual history of the world’s financial palpitations over the last several years.

“On a number of measures of how the economy has done since then, there is considerable progress—but many key measures, like unemployment, commercial lending, and household wealth, are not back to where they were pre-crisis.

“Now, for a little economic perspective, we’ll add a couple of graphs of our own. First, here’s the employment-to-population ratio. As the graph in the upper right quadrant above shows, the unemployment rate has been coming down steadily since roughly the start of 2010. But a large portion of that is due to people dropping out of the labor force. If you look at the actual number of people with jobs, relative to the whole population, a different pattern emerges: It plummeted during the recession, and has rebounded hardly at all since then.”

My Comment: We have been evolving egoistically over thousands of years and have reached a matured society; social relations are in confrontation with the unified nature. Our egoism has reached the limit and has begun to degenerate. We treat the planet on which we exist thoughtlessly. And we believe this situation can continue and evolve, that is, society, the environment, etc. to worsen.

But our opposition to nature is like the private attitude of nature toward the person. When a person reaches the limit of his egoistic growth, he experiences emptiness, causing feelings of depression, even despair. A large part of humanity is already in this state, although we do not want to admit this.

Many people are in a subconscious sense of the meaninglessness of existence. Very few have a desire to find the meaning of life, caused by the “point in the heart.” We who have found the cause of the crisis and the path that nature shows us are required to disclose it to everyone.

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