Aspiration To Happiness As A Common Denominator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: This is the key to understand the weakness of world-reformers throughout the generations. They regarded man as a machine that is not operating properly and needs mending, meaning to remove the corrupted parts and replace them with good ones…

But because the Creator meticulously watches over all the elements in His Creation, not letting anyone destroy a single thing in His Domain but only reform it and make it useful and good, all the reformers of the above-mentioned kind will vanish from the face of the earth, and evil inclinations will not vanish. They live on and count the degrees that they must still traverse until they complete their ripening.

Each time, world-reformers repeatedly commit a big mistake by trying to act independently, without seeking the help of the Light. As a result, everyone suffers, including them.

The world crisis started five years ago and these bright people constantly invent recipes for how to fight it. Psychologists, politicians, economists, and financial specialists, everyone participates in this noble task, and all of them are confident that they are doing the right thing. These world-reformers are sitting everywhere. They discuss things in governments, teach children at schools, and try to improve family relations. Where do they get the self-assurance that they are capable of changing things for the better?

We must move with the Light. In the morning, leaving the house, we should say, “If not for me, then who,” as if there were no upper force and that the day ahead of us depends exclusively on us. In the evening, when we come back home, we must say, “Only because of the upper force did I manage to do what I have achieved today.”

In our desire to correct the world, do we really act in a way that the Creator and the creation complement each other? Do we provide their fitting together? Do we orient all our efforts toward opening the pathway for the Light that will correct everything?

Question: This approach seems totally mystical. Can we suggest that people stay at home and do nothing, just asking the Light to descend and correct them? Are you serious?

Answer: You are right. That’s why it is said, “If not me, then who?” Let’s say that my car broke down. Should I invite friends to pray in the garage? Should I resolve any problem this way? Of course not.

On the other hand, how can we achieve a genuine correction instead of faking it? We see that without spiritual actions, our exertions only make this world a worse place instead of making it better. Yes, we still can find solutions for many problems, but we don’t realize that each detail is a part of the entire system. One way or another, everything that is not corrected by the Light will not work. It only exposes and demonstrates the egoism that is hidden in our attitude and obligates us to correct our outlook. Only when we can cope with it will we elicit correction, but in a new and true way.

Question: How can we explain this to others within the framework of integral education?

Answer: Beyond anything else, integral education is a part of the wisdom of Kabbalah. We are talking about various levels of the same teaching that explains the methodology of the world correction with the help of the Light that Reforms. We open the pathway for the Light, and It corrects us and the entire society. The goal always remains the same: to establish a good connection among us, to reach unanimity and harmony that correspond to the Light. Then, the Light will descend and correct us.

You can give the Light various names: the power of the group, collective intelligence, the vigor of integral unity. The essence remains the same. We are equal, we are together as one man in one heart, and the Surrounding Light influences all of us no matter if we teach others the methodology of integral education or just study it.

We totally were dissapointed in this world and found the wisdom of Kabbalah. However, other people also deal with the same problems. They also want to live better lives. The beautiful words that we use only mask a common, general aspiration to happiness.

Question: Does it mean that the definition of happiness varies? For us, happiness means one thing. For others, it signifies something else.

Answer: When you say that, for you, the bliss is in bestowal, it’s just words. Your desires keep you where you are. You simply tolerate a message that is disgusting to your egoism. We must pass the message about bestowal and unity further on, although we should be doing it in a much milder form. We should make it look like we are sharing the methodology of establishing good relationships with others that later will allow everyone to succeed.

In fact, the main obstacle on our way to happiness is happiness itself. There are no external monsters that prevent us from being happy. The monster is inside us. That’s why we keep talking about establishing a good and kind attitude toward each other. This is a universal remedy. It doesn’t depend on the level of our demands. By uniting our interests, goals, and general problems, by sharing a common worldview, each acquires something that one wants irrespective of what names they use to identify their unity.

So, we offer them a unified and effective solution.

Later, when they achieve unity, people will experience new psychological phenomena. They will sense internal energy and the power of their interconnection. They will have a better feeling of each other. Fine threads between them will grow stronger, the air will become thicker, clear responses to various actions and thoughts will appear, and everyone will begin working with the entire system, regardless of whether they realize it or not. Even now, we attempt to use this structure correctly. However, when we unite, this system finally will acquire realistic features and will surface from the fog.

In the end, does it really matter what exactly made people unite? The reasons that will make unity acquire a new enhanced value in everyone’s eyes will vary. What matters is that unity will become much more important than anything else. Behind multiple threads and powers, people will recognize a single force of love and bestowal. Each of us can name it differently: health, family values, wellbeing, and so forth. In fact, all these words are the names of the Creator.

Question: So, does it mean that the Creator is a reaction or an inspiration that we feel when we are connected with others?

Answer: Yes, you could say so. All that we feel within a desire is called the Creator.

Question: Do I retain this inspiration constantly?

Answer: When you advance, you find out that the general network and the force that is hidden in it are not connected with the tool that brought you to it. The instrument that pushed you to pursue the goal is illusory and deceptive.

Question: Can we compare it with electricity that we cannot identify directly, but rather, detect it because we see its effects if we are trained to do so? Otherwise, the electric circuit exists only potentially.

Answer: Yes, it is true. Today, people do not allow an electric current to flow and that’s why they don’t see it.
From the 4th part of Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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