The Moment Of Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why was the wisdom of Kabbalah concealed throughout the millennia?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed for thousands of years because our egoistic development in this world had to reach its ultimate limit. We have reached a state when everyone of us, being an isolated egoist, has gone through the egoistic aspirations for food, sex, family, wealth, fame, power, and knowledge and now feels that no earthly pleasures can fill us any longer.

This is the problem of egoistic development: No matter how much we advance in our egoism, we nevertheless feel unfulfilled. After all, I’m unable to fulfill myself in my ego since pleasure with which I’m trying to fill my desire immediately quenches the desire due to their opposition, like in a short circuit.

Desire is a lack of fulfillment, a “minus,” while pleasure is fulfillment, a “plus.” By coming in contact, they neutralize each other. For this reason we feel that the instant we reach any satisfaction from food, sex, or other earthly pleasures, it starts to diminish.

But in any case, all our attempts to derive pleasure from food, sex, family, wealth, honor, power, or knowledge were necessary. And now we must rise from this egoistic state to the degree of unity between us. That is, to a smaller or lesser degree, we are already willing to admit that this life does not bring us pleasure and ultimately, we feel emptiness, a “minus.”

Then we approach a new stage. We reveal that any cell of the general organism is able to exist only in connection with the others. This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed until the emergence of a pressing need to unite.

Today in all areas of our life we discover that we are all tied together and can’t escape our global interdependence. Never throughout history has humanity felt so dependent on each other. Hence, the wisdom of Kabbalah is being divulged now in particular so as to present the method of the correct unification.
From Lesson 1, WE! Convention 4/1/2011

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