Playing Hide And Seek With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot, Item 100: The Zohar tells us that we should not even consider that the Creator wishes to remain in Providence of concealed face from His creations. Rather, it is like a person who deliberately hides himself, so his friend will seek and find him.

Similarly, when the Creator behaves in concealment of the face with His creations, it is only because He wants the creatures to seek the disclosure of His face and find Him. In other words, there would be no way or inlet for people to attain the Light of the King’s countenance had He not first behaved with them in concealment of the face. Thus, the whole concealment is but a preparation for the disclosure of the face.

This is clear to a person who can face this concealment, who focuses all his attention on revealing the Creator. The Creator is constantly before us, but there is the picture of the fictitious world between us. A person seems to see and feel different events in this life that appear to him and that seem to be operating in different directions. In fact, however, they all have one purpose: on the one hand, to evoke a person, and on the other hand, to make him face difficult problems and questions which he has to solve.

We behave in the same way with children, when we give them a game and call it play , that is, to solve a certain problem. It turns out that a child needs to be given a certain obstacle that he should overcome and a little push so that he will move forward. The desire to advance and to solve the problem should be ignited in a person, which means that he should be pushed forward and he should be given some kind of a resistance.

He takes the urge to advance and the force of resistance and processes it internally into the right urge and resistance and thus receives the vessels to reveal the wisdom if it is about this world, or the vessels to reveal the Creator if we speak about the spiritual work.

The more we advance, the trickier these exercises become. We cannot say that they are getting harder, but rather that they are getting deeper. We have to constantly identify these exercises in the Creator’s game with us as He draws away, thus summoning anger in us, disappointment and repulsion from the friends and from the spiritual work.

On the whole, these exercises belong to the group and to the spiritual path, while in our ordinary life there are hardly any such exercises. We should understand that they will grow and spread. The depth and the severity of their threat will continue to grow and eventually we will find ourselves at the foot of a high mountain.

Here everything depends on our preparation, on the mutual guarantee between us that will help us to constantly identify the opportunities we are given, in the form of clarions to advance correctly. The solution is only in connection. Then a person can decipher every step correctly, get constant support and help, and reach the revelation of the Creator quickly.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/13

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