Heat In The 21st Century

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from NBC News): “The type of heat waves that wilt crops, torch forests — and kill people — are expected to become more frequent and severe over the next 30 years regardless of whether humans curb emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, according to a new study. …

“Since the 1950s, the frequency of these events has ‘strongly increased and right now they cover about 5 percent of the global land area,’ Dim Coumou, a climate scientist with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, told NBC News.

“If we look at the near-term, up to 2040, we see that this increase will continue and that by 2040 we will see about 20 percent of the land area affected, so about another fourfold increase compared to today,” Coumou said.

“If levels of carbon dioxide continue to increase in the atmosphere as they are today, the researchers find heat extremes might cover 85 percent of the planet’s land area by 2100.

“What’s more, even hotter — so called five-sigma events, which are virtually non-existent today — would affect 60 percent of the global land area, according to the research.

My Comment: It is not the human technological activity that creates the impact on the climate but humans general egoistic attitude to their own kind and nature, and only by changing ourselves, will we be able to create any climate of our choice!

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