Fifteen Years Is Like A Moment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we assume the desired result of the convention is that we need to gather all the yearnings of our friends with a unique desire, to combine it with my yearning, to the “point in the heart,” to increase the intensity?

Answer: I consider the Moscow group to be a very strong group with great potential and with immense experience. You have all the departments, and you simply have become not just a serious group, but a factory.

I don’t see any particular problems in the Moscow group or in the Kiev group. People come and go. Well, so what? The doors should always be open; don’t place any obstacles, any barriers, or anything! Entry and exit should be open for everyone, except for those who harm.

For all the rest who leave, you cannot ask anything of them because, in another year or two, they could come back as if they left just for five minutes and came back to class. This is because in spirituality, movement happens like this.

With Rabash, people returned after fifteen years. They entered the lesson as if nothing happened. They sat, opened the book, and began to study. I looked at them wondering where they fell from? They looked as if they had gone out for a few minutes and returned. And because this was truly how they felt, that fifteen years had not gone by, rather, it was really, a few minutes. They just came and went.

Therefore, you need to relate to people like this very seriously. Simply understand them, and the same with all of humanity as well. They will gradually discover that there is an internal group that is seriously engaged, like researchers with this science, and they are implementing the practical aspects of integral education. And they are committed  to integral education.

They gradually will even discover that this is the wisdom of Kabbalah! You will see that nothing terrible will happen. Gradually, people will swallow this. Therefore, there is no need to advertise anything, and there is no need to be afraid of this either. A person gets used to everything.

Now, we are moving toward a fall in society and the world that people will be ready for anything. Nothing will astound or surprise them,  and nothing will confuse them. You can see for yourselves how our century compares to the previous one.

Question: After the last convention, friends began to return to the Moscow group that hadn’t been in the group for some time.

Answer: Treat them very well, comfortably; coming and going, that is their business.

You will reach a state where it will be considered an honor to pay Maaser. Every friend will see honor in this if can commit some duty or obligation. You will see, how much each one’s concern for every one will not be a punishment or a burden as there is today, but rather a reward. “I don’t need anything. Give me something to do for the others.” This will be comprehended as reward, as pleasure,  so, in the meantime, have patience.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/21/13, Shamati #59 “About the Rod and the Serpent”

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