Spiritual Work And Pleasure

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is enjoying dissemination a good or bad thing?

Answer: It is good. The other way around is worse. A person must enjoy his spiritual work even when he has to pressure himself and force himself to participate. This is not masochism; it is simply an understanding that things cannot be any other way because I am working against my egoism.

Question: Does this mean that you can do whatever gives you more pleasure: study if you want to study, disseminate if you want to disseminate?

Answer: First you need to find the part of the common work in the group where you can be useful.

There are people who cannot study at all. They spend their time with the group, they help out, they do things, and gradually they begin to hear and participate in seminars. They absorb the material during the work and not during the study.

And there are people who do not like group work, they prefer to study and disseminate. Let them do it. Eventually, they will also begin to hear that they will not succeed without the group because the Light will keep influencing them and they will understand that they need it.

People should not be forced to do anything. A person must be given an opportunity to be in the group in whichever way he wants as long as he is not causing harm. And anything that he needs to add to the group, he will add later.
From the Virtual Lesson 2/3/13

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