We Wanted The Best, But We Got…

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday’s problems stem from our attitude. There is no doubt that we are building all the systems of human society correctly, but there is also no doubt that we are using them the wrong way. And the reason for this is our wrong attitude towards one another.

Apparently we have created systems that are good and necessary for everyone: healthcare, educational, national security systems, etc., but the outcomes are grim. For example, the more medicines we consume, the better it is for the health care system and for the pharmaceutical industry. Their profits grow and the state receives more from taxes. “We wish you to be ill more often.”

The same thing happens in the food industry: the more we eat, the more profitable it is for the industry. The abundance of unhealthy food brings about illnesses. “So be greedy and a glutton, buy as many food products as possible and by that help the economy“.

The systems are good but they are used against people’s wellbeing. The banks, in fact, have to make the “blood” flow through the system, but instead, they “suck the blood” from the system. The military industries provide jobs and technological and scientific progress, but it’s all implemented to arm different states and eventually they will have to make use of these arms. So the result is endless conflicts and wars.

So it turns out that we have built necessary systems and mechanisms, but we use them in an increasingly more destructive way. There are circles, which, in fact, are interested in a person suffering, being ill, and living a poor and miserable life; all this is determined by the system itself.

Economists scare us: “We have to increase demand and consumption otherwise everything will come to a halt!” But a person doesn’t want to continue this chase, and internally he has despaired from this kind of life and doesn’t see any point in shopping, even if he has the money.

Our desire to receive has been upgraded and has moved on to the next level and the neighbor’s lawn isn’t greener any more. The desire has changed, perhaps not in everyone yet, but the process continues; fashion, temptations, incentives and enticements are all disappearing.

So what’s next? Is the world really coming to an end? No. It’s simply that capitalism is coming to an end; it doesn’t work any more and in the next few years we will see that. It’s about a natural unavoidable process.

Question: How can that be that the system was built correctly but we are using it incorrectly?

Answer: It says, “God has made an honest man and they asked for many accounts”, (Ecclesiastes, 7, 29). Straightforwardness turns into confusion and discord in every direction, but of course, this is also part of nature’s program so that we will reach the recognition of evil by ourselves and will “straighten it out” ourselves.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/13, A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar”

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