Females Are More Resilient In Responding To Stress

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the University of Buffalo): “The idea that females are more resilient than males in responding to stress is a popular view, and now University at Buffalo researchers have found a scientific explanation. …

“The research shows that in rats exposed to repeated episodes of stress, females respond better than males because of the protective effect of estrogen. …

“By manipulating the amount of estrogen produced in the brain, the UB researchers were able to make the males respond to stress more like females and the females respond more like males.

“When estrogen signaling in the brains of females was blocked, stress exhibited detrimental effects on them,” explains Yan. “When estrogen signaling was activated in males, the detrimental effects of stress were blocked.

“’We still found the protective effect of estrogen in female rats whose ovaries were removed,” says Yan. ‘It suggests that it might be estrogen produced in the brain that protects against the detrimental effects of stress.’ …

“’If we could find compounds similar to estrogen that could be administered without causing hormonal side effects, they could prove to be a very effective treatment for stress-related problems in males,’ she says.”

My Comment: When people near each other internally, they begin to communicate with each other (with a “spiritual transfer”) and they transfer their bodily defenses as well. This is the great power and wonder of the integral system, which absorbs all the positive from each of the participants and provides each and everyone with these combined positive qualities.

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