Empathy As A Means Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from DailyMail): “American scientists have transformed people into cows using immersive virtual reality programmes with the aim of persuading them to eat less meat.

The University of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab allows people to step into a cow’s hooves for a surreal experience.

“The hi-tech computer software subjects humans to being virtually poked with cattle prods and eventually dragged to a virtual slaughterhouse.

“Researcher Jeremy Bailenson hopes that participants find the experience so moving that they empathise with the cattle and choose to eat less meat as a result. …

“It is not the first time the researchers have used virtual reality technology to make people aware of their impact on the environment.

“Individuals who virtually cut down trees said they thought about the experience later and reduced their paper usage. …

“The Virtual Human Interaction Lab is designed to ‘harness the emotive power of empathy’ and although it uses modern technology, the theory is not new.

“It is thought that animal sanctuaries are much more successful as they not only rescue farm animals, but encourage people to interact with them. …

“The same is true with this latest experiment. The scientists said that becoming the animals in a virtual world and stepping into their hooves was a natural extension of this idea and a new way of encouraging people to empathise.”

My Comment: In our case, it is stated simply,  “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” i.e., all the changes in ourselves have to be based on the understanding of ourselves, our attitude to ourselves. All that a person needs to do is an experiment on himself. That is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is called the internal (hidden) part of the Torah.

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  1. When all of us love the others people, all the troubles disappear., because we will go help everybody like our family.

  2. I agree of your comment:”Love thy neighbor as thyself,”

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