Bestowal: To Live In The Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists explain that we have to live according to the law of bestowal not for the sake of society or ourselves, but for the sake of the Creator. What does this mean? “For the sake of the Creator” is a formula, definition, which means that bestowal must be absolute.

We have to give not simply for the sake of survival, not just to live our life comfortably and egoistically. This bestowal is for self-interest: “We have no choice, so let’s re-educate ourselves to become good, kind, compassionate, and responsive.” This egoistic correction is not sufficient because it stems from the need to survive.

“For the sake of the Creator” means that you live according to bestowal even if nature doesn’t compel you to achieve harmony and cooperation with other members of society for the sake of survival. Nature may not require you to bestow and receive in the conditions regarded as a complete connection with others, meaning to receive the necessities and to give maximally, which is called “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” This slogan should not be for the survival of society, for the victory of socialism throughout the world, or for any party. It should be “for the sake of the Creator.”

“For the sake of the Creator” means that my bestowal should be absolute, not for the sake of something earthly. I have to reach a state where the property of bestowal in me replaces the property of reception, my egoism, completely. I shift into a completely different part of the world, into another dimension. I begin to think, feel, perceive only in terms of the property of bestowal rather than reception.

It’s possible to compare this state with a mother who doesn’t feel that she is cold or hot, it’s dark or light; she feels that only relative to her baby. She exists in him, inside: whether he’s cold or hot, in the dark or light, in pain or comfort, and the like. She feels everything inside of him rather than inside herself. This “beastly” love is present in our world as an example: Thanks to it in particular we can truly develop and continue to exist.

It’s a necessary condition of life in spirituality. We endure our life on Earth, constrained by space, time, and motion. The illusion of life in egoism exists only here. In fact, the true life in its eternal, perfect flow exists in the absolutely opposite property: that of bestowal.

Similarly, a mother lives in her son, feeling and fulfilling him instead of herself. All her sensations are in him, everything is for him, and she herself is only for his fulfillment. Essentially, this state is called “to receive the necessities and to give maximally” but not for herself, in order to survive thereby, but for his sake, for the sake of her beloved child.
From the Virtual Lesson, Fundamentals of Kabbalah Series 5/15/2011

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