Like An Embryo In The Mother’s Womb

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How are the 613 desires and 613 Mitzvot (commandments) connected? How can I correct these desires if I don’t know what they are and am totally stuck in my ego?

Answer: I have a certain point, similar to a drop of semen a human development starts with. I must attach to this point the entire mass of my soul, which will result in its developing based on the information instilled in this point.

Similarly, a drop of semen contains the entire information about a new human being: That he or she will grow and weigh, let’s say, 200 lbs, be 7 feet tall, be brilliant, exalted, and so on. We don’t know any of this, but all human characteristics, his path in the material and spiritual world, all of this is contained in the drop of that semen. We simply need to infuse it with a certain force. This force is provided by the mother.

We study that in the spiritual world there is also a mother: Bina. From there we receive the force to develop spiritually. Inside this spiritual mother, there is a place regarded as the “womb” or AHP, where our “droplet” ascends to. This is what we call MAN. The drop gets accepted by Bina and begins to grow.

This spiritual mother is the group. We had previously mentioned that a person has to enter the group and cleave to it, cling to the “wall of the womb.” Thereby, he starts receiving from it the force of development for its point.

The group itself doesn’t add anything to us; it exists to allow us to receive the upper Light through it, something regarded as blood (Hebrew “Dam” comes from the word “Domem” or “still”). In other words, we are still being developed at the still level, with Aviut Shoresh (the coarseness of desire of the root level).

In our point, there are 613 desires. They all evolve, but we don’t know how it occurs.

Like An Embryo In The Mother’s Womb1

Besides, we don’t know what desires are developing now and which of them will be unfolding later. This process can be demonstrated as a diagram that looks like an ultrasound scan: All desires, from 0 to 613, develop in various degrees: some more, others less.

Like An Embryo In The Mother’s Womb2Each of us has 613 desires but in their various combinations. Let’s say desire “20” is developed in me greater than in someone else, while desire “40” less so. They are the same 613 desires which differ in their might and exist in different combinations and proportions between themselves. And when the group becomes a channel through which the upper Light influences all these desires, the Light is regarded as blood and nurtures them, even though I have no idea how.

Like An Embryo In The Mother’s Womb3I don’t know or understand it, just like an embryo in the mother’s womb doesn’t comprehend the process of its development and doesn’t think or ask about it. It is fostered by the nature’s force. This is why this is the development at the still level: without understanding, feeling, and attainment.

What then is the development of 613 desires? When I cancel myself before the group in order to cleave to it, be one with it, so that it would impact me, it means that I am performing the acts of annulment of 613 desires. I am clueless of what it is. All of it together is my ego that I cancel relative to the group. Then I am influenced by the upper Light and advance.

In other words, my action of nullifying myself before the group in order to receive new desires, thoughts, and a scale of values is regarded as carrying out of the 613 commandments. Each action is called a “day.” Thus it is written that every day, a person must perform 613 commandments. And it is so until a person has completed all his or her corrections. This concerns both men and women.
From Lesson 8, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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