Between Two Opposite Qualities

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery law of the Torah is like looking for a frequency, like in a radio, which we use to tune ourselves with ever-greater precision. We constantly increase our sensitivity to the Creator and thus get closer to Him.

We have a point in the heart in our ego, which is the Godly part from above. I constantly develop this point by studying, by working in the group and in the right environment, and accordingly my ego also grows in order to show me its oppositeness from my point in the heart. These two opposite, contradictory attributes constantly grow in me.

Of course, I worry only about the positive, about increasing the point in the heart in which I feel the Creator, who He is, and what His attributes are; however, the egoistic quality constantly grows opposite to it in order to balance it. I find a delta between these two attributes, the difference between the Creator and me, and I work on it in order to hate my egoistic “I,” which is opposite to the Creator’s attribute to such an extent that the right demand for correction will burst out of me, then the Light of correction arrives.

It actually corrects my ego, connects it to the point in the heart, which also swells. Then the middle line is formed in me, the connection of the two points.

There is no state along the spiritual path where I can sit down and remain in the same state while the clock is ticking; this doesn’t exist, meaning I am the one who is constantly moving. This is why I must follow the right line immediately. But how should I do it? Thus, the left line that comes from the Creator constantly grows, and thanks to it I have to yearn for the right line. The Creator disrupts my balance to the left side while I yearn for the right line in relation to that.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/13

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