The Difference Between Spiritual And Non-Spiritual Descent

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe main thing is not to move from this point: “Today, we have gathered here.” Today is the moment when we need to work on not losing what we achieved before, but only on expanding. This is exactly the situation that has arisen now, after the convention. We need to care about continuing and adding to our gains, instead of waiting until we are thrown down once again and who knows when we will be able to rise again.

Our whole world group of Bnei Baruch must keep itself at least at the same level. We want to preserve what we have achieved, and if you are not able to stay at the same height, then you are not in the desires of bestowal even in the slightest degree.

We must by all means stay in the achieved state and not fall. Descent should be in the realization of the fact that it’s necessary to add to the previous ascent; it’s not enough for us! We must rise to a new ascent. And if we descend, we will never ascend to the King’s palace.

It’s necessary to distinguish every ascent that is in greater bestowal, which is added drop by drop: every time a little bit more bestowal, connection, and the feeling of unity. And after we reach this addition in bestowal, we get a descent based on the feeling of the opportunity to rise even higher. That is, we ourselves awaken the dawn and thus advance.

All the descents that we received to date threw us down from the achieved level, causing us to fall down. They were incorrect, not spiritual descents. The spiritual descent should occur in relation to the previous values. If in the past we somehow imagined bestowal, now we see that bestowal is much more. So, the state that we have achieved seems to us as a descent.

Of course, this is possible only with the support of the group. Let’s say, I have won $1,000 and am very happy. And then I suddenly see that someone else has won $2,000, and then I feel no longer in ascent but in descent. Similarly, we need to treat what we have achieved: Everyone should see in his environment that it’s possible to attain more, even greater bestowal! There should not be any descent; there is always an opportunity to add.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/13, Writings of Rabash

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