Gathering In One Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the convention in Krasnoyarsk I experienced feelings that cannot be conveyed. For the first time in life an opportunity appeared to be freed from all doubts, to leap beyond myself, to go out to the friends, to connect with them, and freely share unlimited excitement with them. Then everything was obliterated. And now when I hear your words, a taste of this appears again. Can we use this now, or must we do something else?

Answer: We need to create unity. It is not necessary to remember anything, not at all! We simply need to begin to create this now, to feel and to desire this with all of our longing, concern, and effort. We must fear that this will disappear, that we will lose our attention.

This is the main thing: establishing the intention. The Surrounding Light acts on us now. It changes us, strengthens what we create; in this way our characteristics are changed. The world, the world of emotion depends upon our characteristics. It follows then, that our intentions change reality.

We learn this by comprehending reality; ontology, the science of reality, of creation, speaks about this. So there is nothing supernatural here. Both physics and the other sciences confirm and establish that our consciousness establishes how our world is felt and that this is itself changed by our intention. Therefore it is truly possible to feel the world absolutely differently. It is specifically this with which we are occupied.

Come let us converge with a single desire. I think that we will succeed in this; I feel this according to the people who are already gathered here and those who are yet to arrive. We have done great work. I thank you very much for this; I am grateful.

The men and the women all have done their best and continue trying. There are new ones and there are those with experience, but nevertheless, truly there is a good point and good contact for everyone. The rest is up to us. This is a cumulative process.

Specifically within this shared sphere, this common passion, this common concern, this mutual inclusion, by going out of ourselves with a feeling that connects everyone in the network of forces created between us, we gradually begin to feel the level of consciousness, the substance, the energy, the program, what is to come.

We must begin to feel this patently, to pass from the simple feeling of unity to a more fundamental feeling of this schema, the force that is acting among us, as we begin to act in unison with this force.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg 7/11/13, “Preparatory Lesson”

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