Exposing Your Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have completed the campus courses and have begun the work in the group. I see the deficiency of my friends, but there is still no feeling of resistance. Why? Is it because we aren’t trying enough to connect?

Answer: Very true! You have answered your question. If you don’t long for unity, then you won’t feel the rejection. What reason is there to reveal to you the negative broken attributes in you if you don’t have any preparation for this?

First of all, the group is not cohesive in the correct way. Secondly, it seems that there is still no understanding of how important this unity is. Thus, what is happening to you now are still not those attributes that need correction, even though there might be some weakness and rejection.

Question: How is it possible to enhance this work in order to really feel the rejection through which we can work in a more intense way?

Answer: Execute our instructions. There is nothing else.

It can be that you carry out all the activities, take part in the workshops, study, gather together, but do it in a formal way, without yearning for a connection with each other. This means that subconsciously you are guarding yourselves from cooperation that is more internal and close knit.

Here at the convention there are people who are not able to overcome this obstacle, are not able to “expose” their hearts. Expose it, remove the outer covering and discover it. Don’t be afraid of this!

You are afraid they will stab it and cause something very sensitive and unpleasant. Don’t be afraid! Cautiously, with fear, try to expose it. It can’t be any other way if we want to become one heart. We need to remove and pull off this outer covering from each of the hearts.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg 7/12/13, Lesson 2

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