Who Is Managing The World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Not too long ago the Israeli President Shimon Peres expressed ideas that are similar to the ones we have been speaking about for years: about limiting the workday, replacing the hours of work with studying, about education via the Internet, about education that is based on the connection between a teacher and the students…

Answer: We determine what the world will think about. The problem is that we are behind in correcting ourselves so that our good thoughts will penetrate the minds of the elite. They permeate slowly and people begin to speak to the point, but not enough, we have to hurry.

In any case, this is how things happen: Our thoughts, desires, and actions are revealed in others internally, and people begin to think in the same manner, not even knowing why.

When the nations of the world blame the Jewish people for bringing evil to the world and even for secretly managing the world, the claims that begin subconsciously are partly justified and partly not. The nations are wrong about thinking that Jews are evil, but they are right about thinking that reality is indeed arranged as a pyramid: It is from the level of GE that the Lights come to AHP and determine all its actions.

Freewill is only on the final level of the last phase, and only those who have attained it and whom the future of the world depends on have it. Accordingly, they are responsible for it and receive more blows than others. This is the form of creation.

The “exchanging of ideas” will gradually become more common and prominent, and so we have to try and establish our thoughts so that even the “greatest villains” will receive the good and correct “inner content” from us.

It is because we are responsible for them and what happens to them is also up to us. If someone expresses wrong ideas or harms the world, it is an indication of my flaws that I have not corrected yet although I had the chance.

We could have prevented all the evil in the world. The Creator is good and benevolent and He enables us to establish things correctly and to manage things. If we don’t, then unfortunately very undesirable things happen. So we have to be more responsible.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/14/13, “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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