The Key To 99% Of The Global Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the role today of the global Bnei Baruch groups  in different countries?

Answer: The world  groups play a special important role because Israel cannot correct themselves if they are not focused on the world. The GE have no way of correcting themselves if they are isolated from others.

The Creator wanted to give the Torah first to the nations of the world . All the Light is opposite this desire, opposite the AHP and not opposite GE. In fact the AHP makes up the whole vessel, 99% of the whole desire. Therefore the nation of Israel, GE, is the smallest of all the nations. It has no right to exist except for serving all this great AHP.

The Creator wants to fill the AHP with the Light and He tests GE as the part that serves the Creator and these desires to receive. Israel are the slaves of their mission, and the nations of the world are not. We have to carry out our mission towards the Creator and all of humanity. Therefore, the two sides come complaining to us, and their complaints are just since we have to be the link, the adapter,  between the Creator and the world and between the world and the Creator. We, however, don’t fulfill our role.

In order to function correctly, we need a connection with the upper force, with the Creator, which is realized through the center of the group. On other hand, we need to be connected to all our groups and to all the friends who belong to the nations of the world since this is how the connection from them to us and from them to the nations of the world among which they live is fulfilled. Thus we all connect paving the path from Malchut of Malchut, the greatest desire of the created being, to the desire of Keter of Keter and all the way to the Creator.

The central group must treat all the groups around the world lovingly, with great concern and attention, to connect to them as closely as possible despite the language barriers and the geographic distance, and to accept them as closely as possible. It is through them that we can reach the other people, the other nations, and to pass on to them the method of integral education.

Our friends all over the world who live there as “converts,” which means that they also have a point in the heart, are part of Israel and fulfill the connection between AHP and us, GE. We cannot establish such a connection by ourselves, and it is our friends in other countries who do that.

The Key To 99% Of The Global Soul
It turns out that they belong to the main layer of the desire that is on the border between GE and AHP. Without this connection the GE and AHP are meaningless. For this reason, we have to pay great attention to our friends and to support them in every way we can, to hold conventions, to provide translation in every language, that is, help them as much as we can. It is because they belong to the layer of desire that allows us to answer the question: What do we exist for?

We exist thanks to the fact that we have such connection to the AHP, thanks to our friends all over the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam 

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